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Nye (they/them) - Co-Captain, Music Composer, Co-Sound Designer, Director

Nye is an audio goblin, picking up scraps and jewels to give life to their endless pile of creative projects. While also an audio designer, Nye is an actor, director, musician, and writer. They are so thrilled to be working with such chaotic and creative minds on this project and thanks everyone for giving it their all. “The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can't achieve it.” ― Jordan Belfort


Terran (they/them) - Co-Captain, Writer

Terran Wanderer is a bodiless, genderless entity whose soul was split between seven magical gems, each hidden in a dark Ziggurat. By defeating the perilous traps and acquiring all seven stones, the Holophonic Theatre gained the ability to summon this chaos spirit. Control...is perhaps too strong a word. They are a published author, playwright and poet. All will be made manifest in the fullness of time.


Veto (he/him) - Production Assistant, Stage Manager

Veto has been doing theater for a few years, mainly stage management and set construction. Veto is currently working on a BA in Drama. Other than theatre, Veto enjoys reading, writing, screaming for no reason, and long walks on the beach (just kidding, beaches suck). Veto is super excited to be embarking on journey as a theatre artist, and hopes everyone enjoys what The Holophonic Theatre is here to give.


Matrix (she/her) - Co-Sound Designer

Matrix is thrilled to be involved in this virtual production. She has had several experiences working in sound for the stage, but this is one of her first few digital jobs. Previous to this, she’s been sitting on her couch wondering when she was going to do something creative again. So this was a welcomed change of pace. Creating unique (occasionally unsettling), uber specific sound effects is one of her favorite things to do, so this was right in her wheel house. She hopes that you end up enjoying and becoming deeply invested in the story just as she has, and it inspires some creativity in everyone else, too.


Local No.Body (he/him) - Co-Music Composer

No.Body enjoys long walks that gets him lost in the mountains or in the ocean, 3 glasses of Amaretto sours shaken with a dash of bitters and almost everything music related. Through seemingly endless years working in theatre and choir, No.Body has also dabbled in composing original scores for plays and building Spotify playlists that last 24+ hours hoping someone will give him a music consultant job for a show like “Letterkenny” someday. No.Body is honored to be working with the Holophonic Theatre on this virtual project and hopes to bring music that makes the normies discover emotions they didn’t even know had actual names.


Scott Interrante (he/him) - Composer/Arranger

Scott Interrante is a composer and arranger based in New York City. His original music has been featured on hundreds of episodes of reality television and he has arranged or produced for artists like Mitski and That Brunette. In 2020, Scott composed and co-wrote the one-act online musical How You Holding Up?: A Quarantine Musical.


Michael Isabella (he/him) - Assistant Arranger

Michael Isabella is a composer and producer from New York who writes music for television and releases his own garage rock songs under the name Harvey Bruce.


Nightfawn (she/her) - Head of Graphic Design

Nightfawn is a creative spirit with a hand in many forms of self-expression, from putting out her own content as an amateur voice actor to the visual arts. She likes to keep herself busy, some might say too busy, but sleep is a myth. She’s honoured to be part of such a wild and crazy but innovative and inclusive project.


Crowe (they/them) - Resident Artist

Crowe is a mysterious cryptid who screeches haunting hymns at all hours of the day. They are a nonbinary and disabled artist with a chaotic personality and a strong penchant for justice. Chronic illness is a bitch, but they're a bigger one. You can generally find them in the woods, lying in bed with their cat, or eating things out of the fridge in the middle of the night with their bare hands. As the resident artist for Vacant Arcadia, they know exactly what kind of underwear every character is wearing.