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VACANT ARCADIA is a musical set in a dystopian future on a decaying orbital city.

As things fall apart, six people will place their hope in an illegal augmented reality game.

If they succeed, it will lead them from the dark gutters of society to a place of rebirth, but is a new life worth dying for?

These characters are picked from among the broken, and  despite the dystopia that surrounds them, they have decided to risk everything for a chance to begin again. Edward only wants to get back to his loveless marriage. Max just wants to get high. Tipsy wants a body that matches who they are. Dr. Kilbourne is dying from a chronic illness. Marx wants to escape from their religious upbringing. And Machie wants them to play their favorite game. No one can say if it will be worth it. Do your choices still matter when the world has passed you by? What do we do with the pain we all carry inside of us?

The musical does deal with some themes that may be too intense for certain listeners, including:

Loss of a loved one, drug addiction, chronic illness, gender dysphoria, sex work, religious programming, abuse, mental illness and implied violence and body horror.